Divorce, Conflict

The Secret Language of Couples: What Lies Beneath the Words?

{3:00 minutes to read} 

Am I correct in understanding that this is what you meant? 


Is THAT what you meant?!


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Mediation, Conflict

Protecting Yourself in Mediation with High-Conflict Spouse

Divorcing a high-conflict spouse understandably feels risky. You’re right to be nervous about entering the ring with...

Conflict, Collaborative Divorce

Conflict Resolution: Change Your Perspective

Find some objectivity in order to translate conflict into problem solving.

Divorce, Conflict

Surprise! People Using Ashley Madison Have No Intention of Divorcing

{2:10 minutes to read} As a divorce lawyer, I often hear people’s stories of infidelity, whether or not they are...

Divorce, Conflict

Actions as Evidence: How Your Threats and Insults Can Cost you Custody

When Actions Become Evidence: Shifting Your Mindset in Divorce