Divorce, Mental Health

How to Endure Tough Times During a Divorce

Common wisdom will tell you that “tough times don’t last; tough people do.” It’s a nice sentiment. But, as we make our...

Divorce, Mediation

Putting the Pain of 2022 Behind You: Insights From the Stoics

A divorce can be one of the biggest personal challenges we've ever faced. It can be painful, messy, humiliating, and...

Divorce, Fresh Start

New Year, New You: Is Your Marriage Worth Saving in 2023?

As we head into the New Year and 2023, it's time for reflection, renewal, healing, and moving forward. But if you're...

Divorce, Fresh Start

Divorce After a Long Marriage: How to Rebuild Your Life

You stayed with your spouse far longer than you should have, but you've finally pulled the plug and gotten divorced....

Divorce, Mental Health

Why Do So Many People Get Divorced in January?

If you've been considering divorce, you may have heard January referred to as "Divorce Month" and wondered how much...

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Dos and Don'ts for Giving Gifts to Your Kids Over the Holidays After Divorce

For many parents, the best part of the holiday season is watching their children's eyes light up as they tear into...

Divorce, Children

Calming Your Kids' Anxieties About Splitting Time Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time of wonder and excitement for children. While parents do their best to keep this season bright...

Divorce, Mental Health

Facing the Holidays Right After a Divorce or Separation

The holidays can be difficult for anyone, but they can be especially tough for people who have recently gone through a...

Divorce, Mental Health

3 Dynamics That Will Destroy a Relationship

{4:00 minutes to read} It is not unusual for married couples to develop unhealthy ways of settling disputes between...

Laws and Rights, Child Custody + Support

Court Order Allowing Out-of-State Parental Relocation Upheld on Appeal

In the decision of Karen Michelle F. v. Wilfredo C., the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court upheld a...

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Ramifications of a High Net Worth Divorce with Inherited Wealth

The Source of Wealth in a High Net Worth Divorce: How This Can Complicate Your Divorce

Children, Family Mediation

Noting The End Of A Co-Parenting Relationship

When I got divorced well over a decade ago, my children were both under the age of ten. My youngest child of the...

Divorce, Conflict

The Secret Language of Couples: What Lies Beneath the Words?

{3:00 minutes to read} Am I correct in understanding that this is what you meant? vs. Is THAT what you meant?! Even on...

Divorce, Getting Help

Confused, Scared, and Under Pressure Is No Way to Divorce

{3:19 minutes to read} Toward the end of any negotiation, a flurry of activity swarms the lives of all the people...

Divorce, Children

Ruling Not Imputing Income to Mother for Child Support Upheld on Appeal

Under New York law, if parents voluntarily reduce their income in order to lessen or avoid a child support obligation,...

Children, Family Mediation

3 Ways To Avoid Being An Evil Stepmother

What Fairy Tales Say Fairy Tales have taught us that stepmothers are harsh taskmasters and purveyors of poisoned...

Divorce, Common Questions and Answers

4 Questions to Determine if Mediation is Right for You

{2:51 minutes to read} The decision to divorce initiates a series of many challenging and difficult decisions, often...

Mediation, Conflict

Protecting Yourself in Mediation with High-Conflict Spouse

Divorcing a high-conflict spouse understandably feels risky. You’re right to be nervous about entering the ring with...

Divorce, Collaborative Divorce

Stuart Webb: The Origin of Collaborative Divorce

More and more people are wondering, what is collaborative divorce? A simple Amazon search for books on “collaborative...

Children, Family Mediation

Kids Playing Favorites in Divorce

When Kids Are Playing Favorites in Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

“Wait. You’re Divorced?” Divorced Couples Working Together

If you’re in the throes of a divorce, the idea of working with your ex may seem outrageous.

Divorce, Conflict

Surprise! People Using Ashley Madison Have No Intention of Divorcing

{2:10 minutes to read} As a divorce lawyer, I often hear people’s stories of infidelity, whether or not they are...

Mediation, Mental Health

Making Peace with Your Ex

What does it mean to make peace with your ex? This is a tough question. When people feel their ex-spouse betrayed them...

Divorce, Collaborative Divorce

3 Reasons to Be Nice to Your Spouse During Your Divorce

Reason #1: You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.